Audi S4 Quattro (B7)

My Audi S4 (B7)

A recent addition to the family, picked it up only three weeks ago (late November 2016). Not been very well looked after so got it for a good price – 4 new tyres, took out the K&N panel filter that had been installed (these engines don’t like them – no value at all adding them) and not fitted properly so crap was getting past the filter into the MAF sensor dirtying the element causing all sorts of issues plus debris was getting into the engine! New plugs it had Bosch plus, these car prefer the NGK, oil change, VCDS plugged in and check over, cleared some of the errors the MAF was throwing up and she’s a lot better running now – so very different to the Elise, I forced myself to go auto so I can use this as a cruiser with buckets of power when needed.

Audi do the wolf in sheep’s clothing thing so well – these little to suggest what a beast this car is other than the 4 pipes at the back, the small S4 badges and the silver mirrors. With 4.2 litres, V8 plus the legendary Quattro 4 wheel drive the power delivery is frightening. This car had been fitted with the RS4 seats which is a great contract against the black – Love it


Work Done Nov & Dec ’16

  • Cleaned the MAF sensor (used Halfords electrical contact cleaner)
  • Replaced K&N panel filter with standard filter
  • New NGK spark plugs
  • 4 new tyres (Hankook Ventus S1 evo2)
  • Oil change plus new filter
  • New brake switch (F) – getting implausable error from VCDS getting intermittent fail on cruise control.
  • Installed Xcarlink iPod unit to add large capacity SD card & USB capability to the Nav Plus unit
  • Replacement cabin air filter – the old one looked like it was the original one and had never been changed!


April 2017

For some months there had been a smell of burning oil and when getting out of the car. Some reading online suggested either the cam cover gaskets weeping onto the manifolds or possibly the vacuum housing at the back of the engine which can become blocked and blow the seal – however more likely to be the gaskets.

Took the car to my local garage G&S Tuning in Parkwood (good guys!!). New gaskets and a bit of a clean up and job sorted!!