MX5 Track Car

Our track car, Mazda MX5 NA in BRG, purchased for £1,000. He objective was to remove as much weight as possible, the car would not be road legal and would be trailered to the track.

Things removed

– headlights, motors and fixing, the covers are fibreglass end to the bonnet
– charcoal canister, power steering motor and all hydraulics.
– soft top roof
– all carpets, passenger seat, centre console, all of the dashboard other than main instruments.
– std air box removed and induction moved to left of the engine where headlight was.

Replacement parts

– new radiator
– 4 branch manifold and sports exhaust
– 15″ TeamDynamics rims and Toyo tyres
– hardtop roof for storage only
– roll bar, race seat & harness
– gel race battery