Austria – May / June 2017

Grossglockner High Alpine Road – Austria

This is plan a) for 2017 and in the planning stages. Initial thoughts, Eurotunnel, drive to Düsseldorf, get the car train down to Vienna  Austria. Drive the Grossglockner and other Austrian passes, then drive back through Switzerland taking in some of the passes around the Gottard valley that we missed last year.

Access times and prices for the Grossglockner – here

Motor Rail Düsseldorf to Vienna – here     approx €270 per person with a car. Departs daily leaves 20:54 arrives following day at 08:19 hrs

DB Autozug Terminal, Schlägelstrasse, 40210 Düsseldorf.

The Motor Rail saves approx. 480 miles of driving and, with the overnight travel gets you to Austria and driving one day sooner.

Motor Rail to Paris (possible route back) – here

SJCam HD video cameras for car – here

Austrian roads to be driven – here